Writing About United Nations Issues

Despite its focus on peace and conflict resolution, the United Nations and its many specialized agencies are involved in numerous other issues, including disaster relief, education, the advancement of women, economic development and peaceful uses of atomic energy. The issues section features articles on these topics, as well as other current events involving the UN and its partners.

A matter of public concern: political issues

A problem or uncertainty: an issue with the car engine
A situation that requires a decision or solution: I have an issue with my boss’s temper.
If you’re writing an article about a social, environmental or other societal problem, look for ways to put it in context and make the topic relatable to your readership. Then, provide your own stance on the issue, backed up by research and logical reasoning. If possible, tie the issue to a recent news event or anniversary – that’s what readers and op-ed editors are looking for right now. You can also find some interesting perspectives on the same topic in older articles – track down those sources, too. This helps you avoid duplicating information and adds depth to your piece. Lastly, be sure to thoroughly fact check all your information before publishing it. This is the most important step in any good article and will help you establish your credibility as an author.