What Is Furniture?

Furniture is movable objects that support human activities such as seating (chairs, sofas), eating (tables), and sleeping (beds). It may also hold objects at a convenient height for work (such as desks and tables) or serve a decorative purpose. Furniture is often made of wood, but other materials such as metal and plastic are also used. New technologies such as computer-aided design and manufacturing make it possible to produce complex shapes in wood or other materials more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to providing functional benefits, furniture can also be an expression of artistic taste and cultural values. The design process of making furniture usually begins with sketches, followed by scale models or mockups. Some pieces of furniture are designed to be asymmetrical, and this can add visual interest to the piece.

The evolution of furniture design is usually tied to changes in technology and social and economic conditions. For example, the thrones of ancient Greece and Rome were typically carved from heavy oak, while the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw an expansion in the baroque style of furniture.

Furniture is used in a variety of settings outside the home, including waiting areas and commercial spaces. Seating furniture is a common choice for these types of areas because it can help to reduce stress and anxiety in the space. For instance, couches and chairs are used to provide a comfortable place to relax for customers in doctor’s offices or airports.