Hong Kong Lottery Mark Six Results Revealed

There are those who would take the boring route and invest their winnings in diversified index funds or save for retirement. Then there are those who would splurge it on a new house or car, pay off their student loan debt or credit card balance. And then there are those who would buy a ticket for the next Mark Six lottery draw and try their luck at becoming a millionaire by winning the first prize of HK$83 million.

The latest mark six result was no exception, with a total of 600 tickets winning prizes worth about tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars each. The tickets, seized by customs officers in an anti-smuggling operation, were purchased by people from mainland China and Macau. The officers have not yet decided whether the winners can collect their prizes.

In order to ensure the integrity of the lottery draws, employees with HKJC’s customer service and security departments strictly check all materials used for the draws, including boxing, transport, and the balls themselves. The balls are also weighed, measured and examined by X-ray on a regular basis.

Those interested in buying tickets for the lottery can do so at an official HKJC betting branch or online. The cost of a single entry is HK$10. Ticket numbers are drawn three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. One number from 1 to 49 is selected as the banker for every draw. Each ticket includes two to five other numbers as legs.