Writing About Social Issues

Almost every area of modern life is affected by the issues we face today. Whether it’s the global pandemic restrictions or how to best teach students who are learning remotely, there are many subjects that can be explored when writing articles about social issues.

The word issue can mean a subject for discussion, a matter of public concern, or a personal problem. For example, a person who has problems with controlling anger is said to have “issues.”

You can also use the word to refer to something that is issued, as in a statement or publication: The singer issued her new song for free on her website. The post office issues new stamps every year.

When writing an article about an issue, try to maintain a balanced view. While you may be tempted to write an opinion-based piece, remember that readers are looking for factual information and a well-researched story. Avoid using inflammatory language, even if it’s directed at the topic of your article. If you’re arguing for your side of the debate, use reputable sources and quotes from experts to back up your claims. For example, if you’re writing an article about the differences between the auto brands GM and Toyota, use quotes from both execs and consumers to help balance your arguments. A controversial topic that isn’t presented with impartiality can quickly turn into a hot-button issue and spark controversy. This is especially true if the topic is political or involves race.