What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is a worldview and a way of life that includes a belief in something more to life than just the material and the physical, and a deep desire for meaning, peace, mystery, and truth. It is usually combined with a sense of belonging and connection to self, others, the environment, nature, and a higher power or force (e.g., God, universe). This worldview and way of living is often a counterbalance to the dominant culture’s focus on materialism, consumerism, hedonism, and skepticism that may leave people feeling empty and dissatisfied.

Spiritual experiences can involve a wide variety of beliefs, practices, and behaviors. They can include cognitive or philosophic aspects of a person’s belief systems (e.g., search for meaning, value and purpose), relationships and connections with self, others, the environment and nature, and a higher power or force, such as the Creator, universe, or divine spirit. They can also include experiential and emotional aspects of a person’s beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, such as hope, love, connection, inner peace, comfort, and support.

Think about each of the definitions listed in this article and what they mean to you personally. How do you incorporate spirituality into your everyday life? How can incorporating spirituality into daily life help improve your well-being?