What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a belief in something bigger than the self. It can include a belief in God, Spirit, or Consciousness and often involves a practice of meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. Spirituality can also involve a commitment to service to others, which helps us to grow by allowing our hearts to open and our energy to flow.

People often have a fear of becoming spiritual because they are afraid that it will require joining a religion or following a set of rules, but you can be spiritual and not religious. Spirituality is really about bringing your mental, physical, and emotional worlds into alignment so that they are working together for your highest good and the higher good of all of life.

Often when people describe themselves as being spiritual, they believe that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye, that there is more than just random electrochemical impulses in the brain, and that there is a connection between all things. They might also believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is an afterlife.

A spiritual person can draw from the teachings of any religion to create their own beliefs. They often find that certain practices, like meditating and spending time in nature, help them to tune into the Universal energy and feel more connected to life. They might also subscribe to the Law of Attraction, which states that what you focus on is what you attract into your life.