What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, that varies from person to person, day to day, and over time. The lines between what is considered fashionable and what is not can be blurred as expressions that were once outside of the changing trends become incorporated into them.

Fashion can be influenced by culture and the environment, and it is also influenced by economics as it is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is important to keep up with the latest trends because customers want to have what everyone else has. Often, a particular garment will be worn for a short period of time before it is deemed outdated and replaced with another one that is new and trendy.

Usually, a garment will be designed by a fashion designer and then it is produced by factories in different countries using the materials purchased by the fashion company. Once it is made, it is sold in various retail outlets worldwide. It is a fast-paced industry with a very short turnaround from when a trend is seen on the catwalk or in celebrity media to when it appears in stores and online.

Clothes can be used to express personality and mood and can help to create an identity. They can show what a person is wearing is part of a certain subculture, their age group, social class or profession. In addition, a person’s stance on politics and current affairs may be communicated through the clothes they choose to wear.