The Evolution of Fashion

Fashion is an ever-changing style of clothing. It is a huge industry, employing millions of people worldwide. It is also a social phenomenon, a way to express oneself and communicate with the world. It can be an understated whisper or a high-energy scream. Fashion is an expression of individuality and self-esteem.

It is widely believed that changes in Fashion are caused by societal changes, and that the fashion industry is driven by financial interests of designers and manufacturers. However, recent research indicates that internal taste mechanisms can drive changes in fashions independently of external influences.

The word “fashion” comes from the French phrase, la mode, meaning the current mode of dress. The earliest record of continuous and accelerating change in clothing styles dates to the late medieval period. Then, with the advent of industrialization and the emergence of new technologies like sewing machines, clothes became cheaper and easier to make. This allowed middle-class people to dress in a more stylish manner. Designers, such as Charles Frederick Worth and Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel began to create fashionable clothing, which was made by professional dressmakers, called couturiers.

Today, the fashion industry is globalized and highly influenced by social media. It takes a very short time for a look seen on the runway to reach stores and be worn by consumers. The era of fast fashion has enabled everyone to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, regardless of their income level. However, this rapid turnover has its drawbacks.