SNHU’s Bachelor of Science in Technology Program Prepares Students for the Workforce

Technology is the skills, methods, and processes people use to achieve goals. Whether it’s making stone tools or sending a spacecraft to the Moon, technology is how people improve their environment and solve problems.

SNHU’s Bachelor of Science in Technology program is an online, hands-on way to get started in technology, with courses that include web development and computer programming. The course of study is augmented with real-world experience, which prepares students for the workplace. The technology field continues to evolve rapidly, so it is important that students understand the changing landscape and the skills needed for future success.

Many technological systems are complex and can be difficult to understand. The study of how these technologies work is called “explainability” (or explicability) research. It focuses on the process of making these complex systems more accessible and easier to understand, so that people can make informed decisions about their use.

Some of the most common uses of technology are in the areas of education, communication, and automation. For example, classrooms with internet connectivity can join students from around the world and allow them to collaborate on projects. This is a great way to make learning exciting and help kids stay engaged.

Another example of technology is automation, which is used in manufacturing and other industries to improve productivity and efficiency. It is often more cost-effective than using human labor to perform repetitive tasks. This type of technology also helps companies avoid waste and ensure that products are ready to sell when customers need them.