How to Write About Issues in an Article

Issues can be a difficult topic to tackle in an article, but when done well they can prove highly effective at spreading awareness and thinking of different solutions. This is particularly true for social issues, such as domestic violence or sex discrimination. The key is not to write a rant or to demean those involved in the subject matter, but to use the topic as a platform for promoting ideas and identifying problem areas.

Identifying the right subject matter is essential, but it’s equally important to find a way of writing about it that will appeal to your audience. While it’s perfectly fine to inject your opinion into an article, the fact remains that readers want to read interesting, informative content that they’ll enjoy reading. Avoid writing about ‘hot button’ issues (like canned lion hunting, climate change or plastic pollution) that have been covered by journalists endlessly – your article will have no chance of standing out.

The same applies to any social issue essay; you need to conduct thorough research into the subject matter in order to gather facts, statistics and other data to support your stance. This research will also help to make your arguments stronger and more persuasive.

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