Healthy Relationships – What Are the Signs of a Healthy Relationship?


Humans are one of the most social species on the planet and it’s no secret that we place a lot of emphasis on relationships. Whether it’s the love of our life, a close friend or even a work colleague, all of us want to be in a relationship that is positive and nurturing. However, some people find it harder than others to have these healthy relationships, mainly because of their trauma or attachment issues.

The most obvious signs of a healthy relationship are mutual respect, trust and honesty. Couples in a healthy relationship should also support each other’s individuality and independence, not try to change or control them. Having good communication is also key in any relationship, whether it’s talking about the big things in your life or simply checking in with each other.

Another sign of a healthy relationship is being able to share common interests and activities with your partner. Whether it’s watching movies together, baking a cake or creating a book club, sharing hobbies with your partner can help keep the spark alive. Having that person in your corner cheering you on through the good times and bad is a wonderful feeling. It helps you feel more confident in your own skin, and allows you to take greater risks and pursue dreams that are important to you.

In addition, a healthy relationship shouldn’t be abusive in any way, physically or emotionally. Physical abuse is when a person hits or hurts someone else, and emotional abuse is when a person makes the other feel bad about themselves.