Business Services

Business services

Business services are the activities that help large firms complete their trade activity. They do not produce a tangible product but instead provide value in the form of expertise, convenience and luxury. They are also referred to as business-to-business services, as they take place between businesses rather than with consumers or government agencies. This industry includes everything from financial services to warehousing and marketing.

Using a business service provider allows a company to focus its employees on strategic-based work and outsource non-essential tasks. Moreover, business service providers can scale up or down to meet the needs of companies with seasonal output fluctuations.

The EU Internal Market is working to boost business service growth by reducing legal barriers between member states and making it easier for business services to be provided across borders. This is particularly important for companies that offer services like telecommunications, information technology and management consulting, which are essential to the functioning of every company.

These Business Services Terms form a legally binding contract between you and the Snap entity you contract with, depending on where you live (for individuals) or where your entity’s principal place of business is located (for entities). You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with Applicable Law wherever your account is used, as well as for your use of any business service.

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